The Range

An important aspect of what makes us so safe is the range itself. Most indoor ranges use steel plates with rubber to stop bullets, sometimes deflecting fragments back to the shooter. While the risk is reduced when the range is long, we feel the traditional backstop does not provide the safest environment for our customers.

Instead, we use a more modern protective system called the Supertrap. This new backstop uses specially cut rubber that effectively stops bullets, even a .50 caliber BMG round.

High-powered rifles and pistols can be fired at even point blank range into the Supertrap without any fragments hitting the shooter. We use the Supertrap to provide the utmost protection for our customers. Our range is also the longest in Waikiki, at a distance of nearly 20 meters.

   We provide safety glasses and ear protection or you may bring your own if you prefer. 

What to wear: 

  • Closed footwear (Ejected shell casings are HOT, you never know where they might land.)
  • Long sleeve (we provide safety covers for women and children)


Shooting Rules:

  • Shooters must be at least 21 years old. Parental or guardian sponsorship required for shooters between the ages of 10 to 20.
  • Valid identification required. We do not allow people with felony convictions in any state or country.
  • May not be intoxicated by any means. We have the right to refuse anybody at anytime.


SAFETY FIRST! No exception. You must follow all instructions given by the instructor on duty, and NEVER try to fix anything yourself.