Safest Indoor Shooting Range In Waikiki

We use a modern protective system called the Supertrap. This new backstop uses specially cut rubber that effectively stops bullets, even a .50 caliber BMG round.

About Our Company

Established in 1988, Hawaii and Waikiki Gun Club has over two decades of experience of providing a safe environment to enjoy firearms at an indoor shooting range. We are conveniently located in the heart of Waikiki in 2 different locations and provide our services to locals, the military, people from the Mainland, and visitors from over 50 different major countries.

Most Visited Indoor Range by Celebrities!

*Shooters must be at least 21 years old. Parental or guardian sponsorship required for shooters between the ages of 10 to 20.* Must have valid government issued ID (Drivers License and/or Passport).**Personal Firearms are not allowed. All firearms will be provided by us.**

Safety First

An important aspect of what makes us so safe is the range itself. We use a modern protective system called the Supertrap. 

Firearm Selections

We carry a wide variety of handguns and rifles ranging from .22LR to .50AE rounds.

Longest Indoor Range

We have 2 locations in Waikiki that provides indoor range distance of 20 ft.(6m) to 50 ft.(15 m) long. 

Full Equipment Provided

We provide all safety equipment necessary to enjoy the full experience of shooting a firearm.


Shots Fired


Shell Casings Ejected


First Time Shooters


Customer Satisfaction

our package deals

We offer a variety of packages for the first time shooter and also for the experienced shooter looking to try something different.

A Course

A Course:

Total: 3 Guns, 36 Shots
  • 9 mm Glock 17
  • 38 SPL S&W Revolver 
  • 22 cal. Ruger Pistol


>>$79  $60 with Web Coupon


B Course

B Course:

Total: 5 Guns, 48 Shots
  • Ruger .44 Magnum
  • Glock 21 (.45 ACP)
  • Glock 17 (9mm)
  • 38 cal. S&W Revolver
  • 22 cal. Ruger Pistol


>>$109  $80 with Web Coupon


C Course

C Course:

Total: 6 Guns, 55 Shots
  • AK-47
  • M-16 (.223 REM)
  • CX-4 Storm
  • S&W 44 Magnum
  • Glock 17 (9mm)
  • 22 cal. Ruger Pistol


>>$149  $120 with Web Coupon


Sniper Course

Sniper Course:

Total: 5 Guns, 50 Shots
  • Beretta CX-4 Storm
  • Uzi(9mm)
  • M-16 (.223 REM)
  • AK-47 (7.62)
  • MIA Socom II (.308 cal)


>>$189  $150 with Web Coupon


VIP Course

VIP Course:

Total: 6 Guns, 80 Shot
  • Tavor (.223 REM)
  • ACR (.223 REM)
  • M1A Socom II (.308 cal)
  • Kriss Vector (.45 cal)
  • 12 Gauge Shotgun
  • Uzi


>>$299  $249 with Web Coupon


Super VIP Course

Super VIP Course:

Total: 6 Guns, 55 Shots
  • Beowulf (.50 cal)
  • Desert Eagle (.50AE cal)
  • S&W 500 Magnum (.50 cal)
  • M1A Socom II (.308 cal)
  • Thompson
  • HK USC 45


>>$499  $374 with Web Coupon


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We are proud to be the ONLY indoor shooting range that provides shooting distance of *50 ft. (15m). *Waikiki Gun Club side

We have over 26 selection of hanguns and rifles to choose from.

Visit us at one of our two locations in Waikiki. 339 Royal Hawaiian Ave. 3rd Floor and 2142 Kalakaua Ave. 2nd Floor.

High-powered rifles and pistols can be fired at even point blank range into the Supertrap without any fragments hitting the shooter. We use the Supertrap to provide the utmost protection for our customers.